The Artist Known As Lyz

Have you ever had a sit down conversation with someone and thought to yourself, "this person is mad cool and just an all around genuine person with sooo much talent and yet so humble?." Did a song just come to mind? Lyz is equally an amazing person and artist. We go way back to our junior high school days. And now I'm honored to team up with her.

Lyz can paint like nobody's business. You better ask about her! Yeah ok, you're probably thinking, "well anybody can do's easy." Never discredit or downplay someone's skills. Instead give credit where it's due and applaud her for doing her thing. She's done work for Roc Nation and ESPN, and that included WNBA star Skylar Diggins-Smith . Now that's BIG TIME! Did you know Lyz is ambidextrous? So it doesn't matter if she uses her left or right hand because her work is undeniable.

Getting your makeup done should be an unforgettable experience. This is your time to get pampered, join in great conversation filled with laughter and maybe even sip on a glass of wine. Can you visualize that? This is more than just a job and moving on to the next. We focus on creating good relationships with our clients.

Head over to her makeup page ( and let's have a conversation. Watch her work!

Alicia MonetComment