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Music moves people. It can make a person forget about whatever is going on around them for just that moment, and dance like no one is watching. Alicia Monet aims for that feeling. She wants people to talk about that moment for days, weeks, and years to come. Her focus when the beat drops is to keep people moving. If they’re having fun then that means she’s having fun. Her teammate, Z, makes sure to hype everyone up even more. She stays on the dance floor. 

DJ History:


Notre Dame Events:

DJ for Notre Dame Women’s Basketball

ND Yearly Staff Picnic 

ND Service Recognition Dinner


Other Events:




Rocked the following states and beyond: 

Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, California, Cancun, Mexico, Jamaica

The Songwriter

Many may not know about Alicia Monet’s passion to write. She looks at writing the same as she does a piece of art. They have to tell a story. Music has to be audibly pleasing to the ears. Alicia Monet embraces the challenge of writing on different platforms. It could be a personal project, collaboration or a demo. Have you ever wanted that special song to be your wedding song? Or to have that one song be your team’s theme song? How about a song for your EP or album? Or a jingle or tv commercial? As you can see, the sky is the limit. Let’s work!