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Just like any painting, you have to pay attention to detail. There is beauty in art. Any artist would proudly attest to that. Our makeup artists love to create that look. We live for that moment when you look at yourself in the mirror speechless, and gasping for air, because you’re just breathtaking. Just remember, your face is our canvas! 

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I am a certified makeup artist with MAC Cosmetics. I've been rocking out with MAC 4 years and freelancing for 7 years. I've worked in Chicago a lot prior to moving to Indiana. I absolutely love art! I've always been into painting, fashion design, landscaping, crafts and you name it. I became obsessed when I realized makeup was another way to paint. I love sharing my love for art with my clients as I create the perfect look for them. From soft elegant natural looks to bold punchy glamour...I love it all! I got my palette, brush in hand and your face is my canvas. Watch me paint!


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We are looking for videographers, photographers, DJ's and event specialist to join our team.


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